Monthly Archives: October 2003

Fabulous Las Vegas

Vegas weekend was awesome! so much to do, so little time. especially when your flight is delayed. due to mechanical failure. for SIX HOURS! yes, mom and dad and i were supposed to be in vegas at 5:30 PST, but it was more like 10:30 before we landed. by the time we got to our […]

kill bill

i saw kill bill last wednesday, the night before my big AoA (Analysis of Algorithms) test. yes, i watched a movie in the middle of studying for a test. let’s see all of you so-called procrastinators top that, because i’m the king, baby! anyway… what can I say? tarantino has done it again. the film […]

banning america

now i’ve seen it all… the supreme court is now hearing a case where they’ll decide whether the Pledge of Allegiance should be BANNED from public schools. what the heck!?! the pledge is something that teaches kids patriotism, and instills a sense of pride and loyalty in America and its foundations. while we’re at it, […]


my friend devin just sent me a link i thought i would share with ya’ll. it’s a gallery of urinal snapshots from around the world, from China to Chicago. wow. some people have WAAAY too much time on their hands. what would you do if this guy walked in the bathroom and starting snapping […]

fishing, flying, and football

i went fishing friday with papa and some guys from our church at San Bois River/Lake/whatever it is, near Keota, Oklahoma. they’d been up there camping out since last Sunday, so i caught the tail-end of it. we pulled the trot lines they’d laid out up, and caught a few blue catfish on those. what […]