TU slams Hawaii

tonight the Golden Hurricane managed to do what nobody thought was possible — win three straight games in a row. things didn’t look so good until near the end of the 1st half; we were down by 13 points and couldn’t keep the pineapple boys at bay. well, TU had a revival of spirit in the second half, and started playin’ some football. Our defense was solid and the offense kept gaining. my favorite play was when our #9 (Fletcher) made the interception. the funny thing was this guy (who was basically TU’s main crowd heckler) in the student section called it! he was like “HEY FLETCH.. GET READY BABY, INTERCEPTION COMIN’, IT’S ALL YOU!!” and it happened! it was freaking hilarious because the dude was yelling out all kinds of crap, and he actually predicted (i.e. got lucky) a play. the final score was 27 – 16. and everyone had said Hawaii was the best team in the WAC.. riiiight. who knows what will happen now that we have a winning season so far, 3 – 2.

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