california (total) recall

well, the vote for the california recall is today. it’d be awesome if arnold got it. actors have this way of gaining the admiration and support of the public that normal people just can’t compete with (especially as someone as freaking DULL as Gov. Davis). i mean, this is arnold “I’ll Be Back” schwarzenegger.. the guy’s a piece of our modern pop culture. he’s larger than life, like a comic book hero. the media were predicting he had a good chance at getting the majority vote. well, duh! arnold’s a likable guy, and probably one of the most recognized faces in the country from all of his movies. and T3 coming out this summer didn’t hurt him either, in the sense that it hasn’t been 5 years since the man has been in a major Hollywood blockbuster.
all that aside, it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. i guess we’ll know tomorrow, or maybe later tonight, what the results are. my cousins out in Ventura had better vote for him, that’s all i’m saying (Josh, Jon Paul.. i hope you’re reading this).

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