the governator and why i hate computers

our old buddy arnold seems to have done it. i read the article on where he promises he won’t do any movies while in office. dude, i don’t know about that. see, if he stops doing movies and becomes a *real* politician, he’ll become as boring as the rest of them and people will stop caring. hey — at least leave it open to the possibility. or maybe a reality tv show: mtv true life: i’m a governor. hey, it could happen.
oh.. and have i mentioned lately computers are the bane of my existence? let’s forget for a moment i’m a masters CS student. all three computers i use are broken; and only one of those is my fault. the keyboard and touchpad on my laptop stopped working when i rebooted tonight, so i’m currently in windows rescue mode trying fix it, in order to save myself the pain of reinstalling. i can get my stuff off of it, that’s not the thing. i’m just too lazy to want to wipe and start from scratch. the other two are hardware problems, i swear. computers. suck. no.. really.

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