fishing, flying, and football

i went fishing friday with papa and some guys from our church at San Bois River/Lake/whatever it is, near Keota, Oklahoma. they’d been up there camping out since last Sunday, so i caught the tail-end of it. we pulled the trot lines they’d laid out up, and caught a few blue catfish on those. what was cool was there was a big loggerhead snapping turtle on one of the lines! this sucker was one of the ugliest creatures i think i’ve ever seen.. very nasty. take a look for yourself and see if you disagree with me. i dare you. (alright, alright, so this ain’t a picture of the one we caught.. it looked exactly like that, i swear!) anyway, we let it go after i played with it for awhile. we went crappie fishing later on.. didn’t catch anything, but i still had a good time.
saturday i went to the ft. smith airshow with dad and saw the Thuderbirds fly. they’re a team of fighter pilots who fly in close formation and do stunts for the crowds. it was really cool. they were flying upside down, and in formation so close it looked like they were touching. the last trick they did was a nice finishing touch: four of the jets came from opposite directions, i.e. N towards S, E towards W, and met simultaneously in the middle, with only a few feet between them.
i also watched OU demolish Texas in the afternoon. what an upset for the Longhorns. 65 – 13. go Sooners! TU didn’t fare as well, though. they lost 27 – 20, but from what i’ve heard and read, we played a good game.
speaking of football, my C-league BSU intramural boys had an awesome game sunday afternoon. it was our biggest scoring game yet. we played against these guys (somehow we never know the actual NAMES of these teams for some reason.. go figure) who were pretty tall and good at passing the ball, especially long passes. this one dude in sunglasses must have caught like 3/4 of all of their passes.. it was ridiculous. so they had us edged out. the game was tight, though.. we were neck-and-neck pretty much the whole time. tim, our QB, had a sweet 50 yard run in the 2nd half. foster field is only like 80 yards, so it was a good play. it came down to less than a minute left in the game, and the other team scored, putting them ahead by 4, score is 38 – 34. by the time we get the ball, we have 32 seconds. so we keep making gains, and get the last touchdown of the game, and the extra point. it was a nice 41 – 38 victory for us, i have to say. games are great when they’re close like this. so far we’re undefeated, 4 – 0. WE GOIN’ ALL THE WAY, BABY!

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