kill bill

i saw kill bill last wednesday, the night before my big AoA (Analysis of Algorithms) test. yes, i watched a movie in the middle of studying for a test. let’s see all of you so-called procrastinators top that, because i’m the king, baby! anyway…
what can I say? tarantino has done it again. the film is very well-done, and is a collection of various genres and cinematographic styles. the basis is it’s a revenge movie: Uma Thurman is an ex-assassin who’s been betrayed by her three sisters-in-crime and the boss, bill. now she’s out for blood… and she won’t stop until they’re all dead. it’s got a little something for everyone: action/suspense/comedy/anime/martial arts/chick fights (and lots of them). some parts of it come off like a cheaply done james bondish movie. this would normally be a bad thing, but the idea is you’re not supposed to take it completely seriously. that being said, it was interesting to see how all of the different filmmaking techniques were combined to create a continuous story. there were subtle touches that i thought were cool, like the old-school Kaboom cereal box (does anyone else besides remember eating it as a kid? i know they still sell it, but it was like *the* cereal back in the day) with the hidden gun… KAABOOOM! very clever. overall it was quite violent, with lots of blood, severed appendages, and even some exposed brain, but hey, the freaking title is kill bill, what do you expect, a movie about puppy dogs and flowers?
tarantino movies are always unique, and are hard to pigeonhole in a category like “action” or “drama.” i thought it was interesting how they billed bill as “TARANTINO’S 4th MOVIE” (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown were the first three, i think) even though he’s done more than that.. i guess we’re not counting True Romance and From Dusk Til Dawn, maybe? most of the movies he’s done have “real-life” dialogue: his characters sound like real people having real conversations, not like scripted movie “i have this plot thing i have to worry about” conversations. kill bill was too fast-paced to focus much on the dialogue, which was a departure from the tarantino we’ve all come to know and love, but still made for an awesome story.
i can’t wait to see Volume II…

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