Fabulous Las Vegas

Vegas weekend was awesome! so much to do, so little time. especially when your flight is delayed. due to mechanical failure. for SIX HOURS! yes, mom and dad and i were supposed to be in vegas at 5:30 PST, but it was more like 10:30 before we landed. by the time we got to our hotel room, met up with my cousin Josh (who drove 5 hours from LA and had been there since 5:30), it was like 11:30. so we basically lost our first day there. so the hope is we’ll get seriously comped for our inconvenience.. free plane tickets would be nice. anyway…
vegas was still a lot of fun. we stayed at the Circus Circus, and hit a few of the casinos in town: the Horseshoe (where the World Championship Poker match was held), Stardust, and Caesar’s Palace. we got a free craps lesson after lunch friday at the Stardust, and used the coupons they gave us to play a $2 min. bet game at a $5 table, to give beginners a feel for how the game is played.
friday night and saturday we stayed at the Flamingo in Laughlin, NV, since all the vegas hotels were booked because of some drag racing event or something. it was more of a laid-back resort town than a madhouse like Vegas, but still pretty cool. saturday we drove out to this wild west town called Oatman in the middle of the Arizona desert on Route 66. there were wild burros walking through the streets, and most of the stores sold carrots so tourists could fed them. they had a show where these two dudes dressed like cowboys robbed a bank, and had a “shootout” in the middle of a crowd. cheesy, sure, but overall the town was a cool little attraction.
i played craps several times, and only lost sixty bucks, which isn’t too bad. dad actually won $260 or so after it was all said and done. i tried slots a couple times, and actually won $7.50 from a buck at Caesar’s Palace. craps is a fun game, though, and it’s really easy to either win or loose a lot of money playing it. as the saying go, the house always wins in the end. i can’t wait to go back, see more of the sights and landmarks, win a million playing craps. who knows? it could happen.

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