Monthly Archives: October 2003


apparently someone has finally come up with the ultimate board game. it plays just like Monopoly, except you’re a playa in da ghetto, jes’ doin’ what it takes to make it. my favorite quote from the article: “You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50.” i haven’t laughed that hard in a long […]

the governator and why i hate computers

our old buddy arnold seems to have done it. i read the article on where he promises he won’t do any movies while in office. dude, i don’t know about that. see, if he stops doing movies and becomes a *real* politician, he’ll become as boring as the rest of them and people will […]

california (total) recall

well, the vote for the california recall is today. it’d be awesome if arnold got it. actors have this way of gaining the admiration and support of the public that normal people just can’t compete with (especially as someone as freaking DULL as Gov. Davis). i mean, this is arnold “I’ll Be Back” schwarzenegger.. the […]


pip and i rented and watched Solaris tonight. Solaris stars George Clooney, who departs from his typical role as the guy with all of the answers to a person in search of them. it was an interesting movie.. one of those few that leave you with more questions than answers. it’s billed as a sci-fi […]

TU slams Hawaii

tonight the Golden Hurricane managed to do what nobody thought was possible — win three straight games in a row. things didn’t look so good until near the end of the 1st half; we were down by 13 points and couldn’t keep the pineapple boys at bay. well, TU had a revival of spirit in […]