Monthly Archives: October 2003

Carnies have special powers

well, i was at the fair again last night, and i saw what has to be the most amazing feat known to humanity. ok, so maybe i’m exaggerating a little bit, but it was pretty freaking cool. the carnie running the rope ladder game demonstrated how to do it. this is nothing new, they all […]

parking tickets

they suck. we’ve all been there. you’re running late for class or (as happened to me) it’s raining buckets outside and you don’t feel like walking over in the rain. so you drive and chance it, hoping the Parking Nazis won’t notice your illegally parked car. but sometimes it’s just not your day and they […]

games a’plenty

so we’ve been busy inventing games to play while making our daily run over to ACAC. our latest one is throwing a tennis ball at the building and letting it bounce back to see who catches it. i know… you’re already saying, “whoa buddy, slow down.. let me see if i can get a firm […]

help me name the site

so i thought i’d get some ideas from you people about this site.. what should i call it, and why? give me something interesting, provocative, witty, or clever, and you, yes you could be the lucky guy or girl to be featured in an upcoming blog post! the star of this post will receive massive […]

tulsa state fair funness

so jim arrowood and i went to the Tulsa State Fair tonight. ate some pretty nasty BBQ.. if you go to the fair.. and you’re in the mood for BBQ, take my advice: do NOT go to the place behind the Metro Lion’s Club, whatever it’s called (the little white trailer with.. yeah, yeah, so […]