fart-sniffing and the worst jobs ever

do you have a job that really sucks? hate your boss? we’ve all been there. but this article may make you reconsider if you think you’re at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to your job. it talks about jobs that are the lowest of the low, involving stuff that some (most) people wouldn’t go near with a ten-foot pole. let’s say, for instance, you like sniffing other people’s farts. hey — you can get PAID to do it! and decide which guy is the most rank of the bunch. some of the other ones they talk about, besides fart-sniffer (no, i’m not making these up):
dysentery stool-sample analyzer
barnyard masturbator
prison-rape researcher
carcass cleaner
so the next time you think you have it bad, take a moment and remember these poor souls.

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