LOTR: The Two Towers

so we had a bunch of people over last night to watch Eric’s copy of the Extended Edition of The Two Towers. it’s a really good movie, even if you’re not a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. i’ve read the first book and half of the second, so i’m probably more of a fan than most. but i’m not one of those scary people who goes around speaking elvish and can recite the names of frodo’s ancestors going back 15 generations. you know the kind of people i’m talking about. &lt/shudder&gt
it was good to see The Two Towers again (i hadn’t seen it since last Dec. when it was still in theaters); personally i like it even better than the first one. there’s a lot more action this time around, what with the battle between good and evil, and the Ents wreaking total havoc on Isengard. (i’ll do everyone a favor this time and skip the amateur movie review — just watch it, and let me know what you think). so if you haven’t seen Two Towers yet, you definitely *should*. but be warned — the extended edition is long, and oh i do mean LOOONG. i think it clocked in right at 4 hours, so if you’re going to watch the whole thing, you’d better have some time to kill.
oh, and i want to throw a shout out to one of my bros who’s still not 100%, brandon. hope you get well soon, dude. and yeah, don’t worry i took good notes in Analysis of Algorithms; you be covered like a jimmy hat.

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