love to eat de turkeeey

thanksgiving day was pretty good.. had the traditional lunch at my mom’s parents (maw maw and paw paw), and dinner at dad’s parents (nanny and papa). i love thanksgiving food: turkey and dressing, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, hot rolls, corn, and giblet gravy… yummm, it’s the best. and how could i forget mom’s delicious chocolate pie to top it all off? i was proud of dad: he managed to stay on his south beach diet in spite of all of the temptation surrounding him.
day after turkey day was crazy. we (we being me, dad, april, and nick) ended up going to best buy at 4:15 to get in line for the black friday sales. actually, nick and april got there at 3:00, so they waited a whole 3 hours. i know, i know.. “madness”, you’re saying. well it was. there had to be like a thousand people lined up out there, waiting for that 6 o’clock opening. we were 4th in line, so we had a pretty good spot. we almost saw a fight: this old lady was trying to cut in line a few minutes before they opened up, and some other lady got ticked and started yelling at her. when they opened, the speakers were blaring “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N Roses, which i thought was quite appropriate considering the situation. i was secretly hoping for an in-store riot or something, but nothing like that happened. there’s always next year, i guess.. anyway, we got some good deals: i bought some CDs and DVDs, and got a 100 pk. spindle of CDs for 2 cents! (because they’d ran out of rebate forms, and they had to charge me something).
saw elf saturday night with nickie and jason and brooke. we weren’t really expecting it to be a kids movie, which is what it was, of course. so it was disappointing, but had a few good moments. maybe bad santa will be a better christmas comedy movie.

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