Monthly Archives: November 2003

backsleeper or sidesleeper?

i was trying to fall asleep last night, lying on my back, and i realized.. i don’t think i’ve ever been able to fall asleep on my back. the most comfortable position for me is on my side, so i guess that makes me a sidesleeper. then i remembered reading this sleeping positions article awhile […]

net fads

there’s an interesting article on kuro5hin about the various fads that have plagued the Internet. it’s amazing how much some of this stuff is hyped, only to disappear and never be mentioned after a short time (some only last a couple months). i remember the big *push* movement, with Pointcast and other copycats. i really […]

digital confessions (

i ran across this site awhile ago. it’s a place where people can submit their confessions online, while remaining totally anonymous. it has sorta a Fight Club-like fake sentimentality to it. some place where you can pour your heart out to perfect strangers, and not feel like a total douchebag (sp?). as jack says in […]

kids trash our beloved classic games

EGM has this story where they interview a group of 10-13 years old, and have them play old-school video games. you know the ones i’m talking about. Pong. Donkey Kong. Tetris. Super Marios Bros. And these little punks dis those old games like it’s going out of style! One of my favorite quotes (while they’re […]

matrix revolutions

yep, saw it yesterday at 12:30pm… AT THE IMAX! yeah, we didn’t want to have to fight the crowds, and what better time to see it than the afternoon. plus it was my first IMAX movie, and what better place to see the cultural event of our times that is The Matrix? we ended up […]