Monthly Archives: December 2003

holiday fun

had a good christmas this year. it was fun seeing all the family. we had a dirty santa at nanny and papa’s, and i gave jack (my snake) back to jon paul [my cousin who had originally given him to me] as a surprise gift. needless to say, jon was glad to get him back, […]

season’s greetings

merry christmas to everyone out there!

new cell phone, iTunes Ogg support

so i did end up getting the Sony Ericsson cell phone i mentioned awhile ago, the T616. actually, the phone is an early christmas gift from mom and dad, although i’m getting the service plan. it’s pretty sweet: built-in camera, Java, Bluetooth, Infrared, polyphonic ring tones, MMS messaging/wireless Internet, and hi-res 65K color screen. i’m […]

christmas shopping done!

in other news, i’ve finished my shopping early this year. it feels good. now all i have to do is wrap all my gifts, which i kinda suck at. whoever came up with those large gift bags must’ve had me in mind. what could be easier than that? well, maybe just giving out cold hard […]

crazy psycho ladies are scary

i’m watching fatal attraction right now, an 80s thriller movie. i’ve seen it before, but man.. that is one messed up broad (or insert your other favorite ‘b’ word here, hahaha). she slits her wrists as some sort of desperate attempt to get Michael Douglas’s character to stay at her place — yet she seemed […]