Monthly Archives: January 2004

review of the butterfly effect

the butterfly effect is a thriller starring ashton kutcher as a guy who has a unique ability to undo the choices he’s made in his life. he slowly learns of the gift and its consequences as he revisits his past, and of the power he holds over his own version of reality.

review of big fish

saw big fish sunday night with some friends. it’s a tim burton movie (think Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) which are typically dark, twisted and very imaginative. big fish is no exception.

glow bowling

so i went glow bowling last weekend for the first time. it was arin’s 23rd birthday, and so we (myself, arin, jim and jennifer, brett and brooke) all went out for that. had a good meal: you can’t go wrong with the outback special. arin got her little birthday sundae, and i got a chocolate […]

polly says: f*** the nazis

a friend sent me a link to this article about winston churchill’s parrot. apparently the bird (a female whose name is charlie) is 104 years old (!!) i had no idea birds could live that long.. crazy stuff. anyway, the funny thing about the story is charlie still shocks guests by saying the phrases “F*** […]

amateur sports review

i saw TU suck it up in bball last thursday.. and then make up for it by beating Boise State by a point saturday. they’ve really dropped the ball this year (HAHAHA, fake laugh). but seriously, they’re getting beat by these teams they usually whip into submission, at least in recent years. it’s not that […]