Monthly Archives: February 2004

oscar night and lost in translation

just watched the academy awards with a bunch of people over at matt hunt’s. i can’t believe Lord of the Rings won all 11 awards it was nominated for — they really cleaned up this year. and i *still* haven’t seen Return of the King! several people have told me its the best one out […]

the passion

i saw the passion of the christ tonight with a group of people from the bsu. it was a very moving film, and yes, powerful. the story most people are familiar with about Jesus and His sacrifice and immense suffering is brought to life on the silver screen. you see and experience His pain and […]

no dodgeball and jerry’s gettin’ old

we didn’t have enough people show up tonight for dodgeball; only like 4 people, which would make for a really gay dodgeball game. anyway, the few that did make it ended up playing volleyball with some other people, which was fun. i have a pretty decent serve, not really fast, but HIGH.. and i can […]

google’s new venture: orkut

a couple people invited me to join orkut, which is google’s new little experiment into social networking (sorta like friendster, which i’d never done, but heard about). orkut is really just a huge online community of trusted friends. so i decided to check it out. it’s actually pretty cool. the only catch is it’s sorta […]

south park has great social commentary

i just saw the episode where stan gets dumped by wendy, and he’s sad and depressed. so he joins the Goth kids’ clique. when he asks what he has to do to be one of them, a Goth replies: “all you have to do if you want to be a non-conformist is talk like us, […]