Monthly Archives: March 2004

thesising goes well

30 pages so far! i’m making good progress on the writing. now i only have to code up the GUI, add the additional features to my logging tool, etc. i guess we’ll see how the coding goes, as i’m writing the GUI in python, which i’ve never used before. crash courses in programming languages are […]

oh yeah, senior salute

(reading eric’s blog reminded me of something:) i forgot to mention friday, in the midst of the other errands i had to run, i also went to senior salute, an open house sorta thing where you take care of everything to be set for graduation. so i got my cap, gown, tassel, all the good […]

sleep deprivation

i got up early today, but went to bed late, and i’m paying for it, by having a lack-of-sleep headache and general drowsiness. actually, i went to bed at a decent hour [for me] (1:30, i think), but i couldn’t sleep for HOURS.. i probably hit unconsciousness around 4:45 or so.. and got up at […]

keep it nice and cool

finally, the temp. in our apartment is bearable! thank the Lord; it’s tough falling asleep when it’s 80 degrees in your room. at the moment it’s a cool 70.6 degrees. maintenance came by this afternoon, and apparently the breaker had flipped. thus, it was a simple matter of flipping it back, which eric and i […]

everything you always wanted to know about writing a thesis

so i’ve started working on my thesis, after importing everything from the conference paper into TU’s thesis template. i actually have about 22 pages so far, which is a pretty good start. i have a little less than two weeks to finish, which means i’ll be fairly busy from now until then. everything must be […]