Monthly Archives: April 2004

math, movies, mayhem

i’m well beyond frustration on this stupid take-home test. i’ve spent the last couple nights working on one problem, and it *should* be simple algebra. well.. matrix algebra, but it’s not a proof or anything crazy. i just can’t get the equation to balance out though.. arrrgggh! anyway, i’m hoping i’ll have some sort of […]

still not done..

ugggh.. this class is gonna be the death of me, it seems. ok, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic, but it sure feels that way. apparently we *are* having a test after all.. it’s a take-home, and we have a week to do it, but still. it actually doesn’t seem as bad as the HW problems, […]

weekend fun

so i did a few things this weekend. saturday brandon and carlos invited some friends over (me, kevin and alicia, eric, james, nicole, libby and a few others i’m probably forgetting) and we barbecued out by the pool.

nsa, west point, kill bill vol 2

so the technical director of nu sigma alpha was here at TU for a visit the last couple days, and we showed him all of our awesome research and labs. it was sorta a big deal; not everyday a guy like this comes to town. he gave a little talk yesterday about working for nu […]


free at last, free at last.. praise God Almighty, i am free at last! hahaha, that’s right, the thesis has been signed, sealed, and delivered. i had to print off 496 pages of crap (62 pgs. * 8 copies), so the ream of 25% cotton paper i bought for 21 bucks just *barely* covered it. […]