free at last, free at last.. praise God Almighty, i am free at last! hahaha, that’s right, the thesis has been signed, sealed, and delivered. i had to print off 496 pages of crap (62 pgs. * 8 copies), so the ream of 25% cotton paper i bought for 21 bucks just *barely* covered it. the binding costed me just under 60 bucks, so the thesis didn’t come cheap. but thankfully it’s over now.
crazy stuff at the business office, though: i had to go over there to pay for my binding fees and get a signature from them. so i paid the lady at the window, and she asked me for my student ID. i gave it to her, and apparently she didn’t catch it, so i repeated it like twice. then she tells me “that’s too many numbers … it should be six digits, not seven.” i was like, “nooo, i’m pretty sure it was 6.” i repeated it slowly, and actually counted each number on my fingers as i said it. somehow *yet again* she thought i’d said seven digits instead of six, so i said it even more slowly and did the finger-counting again, very deliberately. i felt pretty stupid doing it, but apparently she wasn’t getting the message.. and i’m sure i was speaking clearly and everything. it was pretty messed up, but she finally got it. and no, she wasn’t mentally-deficient or whatever, i guess it was an off-day for her. i must have repeated it at least 5 times.
as i said earlier, though, i still have to get through this freaking math BS, before i can truly graduate. hopefully it won’t be that bad.

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