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so the technical director of nu sigma alpha was here at TU for a visit the last couple days, and we showed him all of our awesome research and labs. it was sorta a big deal; not everyday a guy like this comes to town. he gave a little talk yesterday about working for nu sig, and all of the interesting stuff that goes on there. i was surprised: the talk was very informal.. some of the things he said were freaking hilarious, and he was an all-around cool dude. today i gave a short presentation on the research my group does, and he seemed fairly impressed with it, so that was good.
in other good news, my paper got accepted to the West Point conference. score! so i’m going to NYC.. woohoo! actually, WP is an hour north of NYC, but we’ll at least fly into NYC, so i’ll see part of it. hopefully there’ll be some leftover time that we can spend in the city; i guess we’ll see. but i’m excited about it; should be a lot of fun. jerry’s group also got their paper accepted, so ESG (our overall research group) is 2 for 2 on the West Point papers.

saw kill bill vol. 2 this afternoon. it was a spur of the moment thing where a few guys from the lab decided to go. i ended up driving: we left TU at 1:50 (movie started at 2), and drove like a complete madman to get us there in time. i made it to cinemark in about 5 minutes, which is insane. but get this — we get there, and apparently the show doesn’t start until 2:40! all that wasted driving effort.. it seems kevin read the showtimes for a different theater. oh well.. it wasn’t that long of a wait.
the movie itself was pretty good. there wasn’t *nearly* as much violence in this one; the idea was more to fill in the backstory that wasn’t shown in vol 1, and sketch a clearer picture of the relationship between Black Mamba and Bill. so more dialogue, but there were still a few good fight scenes. the old chinese master who trains Black Mamba was cracking me up.. he was straight out of a 70s-era martial arts movie, your stereotypical bada$$ kung fu old dude.. who hates everything and everyone. but he’s the reason (at least partly) that uma is such a blood-crazy killer, with hardcore ninja skills (as we saw in vol 1).
so all in all, it was enjoyable, but i think i still like vol 1 better. i actually bought the DVD tuesday (the day it came out), and watched it again before seeing 2. i told sarah she needs to watch 1 at some point before seeing 2. i mean, you can’t watch a sequel before you see the original.. it’s just not a good idea (plus you’re mostly lost in the sequel anyway if you don’t know at least some of the story from the first). so i’ll be kill-billed out of my mind.. which isn’t a bad thing if you enjoy the movies.. which i do 🙂
vol 2 is a bit slower, and not as action-packed, but worth seeing. perry told me he read an interview with tarantino where he says he’s doing a vol 3 in ten years or so, when the little girl whose mom gets killed seeks revenge upon Black Mamba. that would be cool, but somehow i doubt it happens. 10 years is a long time to wait for a sequel (i know everyone’s screaming “STAR WARS” now, but… that doesn’t count).

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