weekend fun

so i did a few things this weekend. saturday brandon and carlos invited some friends over (me, kevin and alicia, eric, james, nicole, libby and a few others i’m probably forgetting) and we barbecued out by the pool.

i cooked the meat, and i think it turned out pretty well… at least considering it was my first time to grill. everyone else seemed to think so. the burgers took awhile to get done, but it was worth the wait. what was sorta funny is after the paddies were cooked, i threw cheese on most of them, and waited for it to melt (you HAVE to have your cheese melted, those are the rules).. but it never would melt.. arrrghhhh! it was still tasty, though. a few other people just “happened” to stop by and partake of the free food.. heheheh. after eating the delicious food, we watched timeline (which really sucked), and pirates of silicon valley (rocked).
somehow i managed to find two different things that night by their apartment. we “borrowed” a few lounge chairs from the poolside (hopped the fence and tossed ’em over to kevin) for people to sit and chill while the meat was cooking. while walking around the pool i saw a watch someone had left.. a *nice* watch. if no one says they lost one on the campus forums sometime soon, i’m ebaying the sucker. and after leaving brandon’s apartment, i found some keys out in the parking lot. i turned those into the apt. office monday.
sunday i spent time with sarah, and she finally got to see kill bill vol. 1. i think she enjoyed it, crazy cartoonish fountain-spraying blood and all. and yesterday we ended up playing spades with levi, to practice for a tourney that’s on thursday. it was actually me and levi vs. sarah and brandon (our random 4th player, since we didn’t have anyone else). we only won by a trick, which is a far cry from the beating we gave ’em last time. so either sarah’s gotten better, or we’re worse. good times, good times.

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