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i’m well beyond frustration on this stupid take-home test. i’ve spent the last couple nights working on one problem, and it *should* be simple algebra. well.. matrix algebra, but it’s not a proof or anything crazy. i just can’t get the equation to balance out though.. arrrgggh! anyway, i’m hoping i’ll have some sort of epiphany tonight, and at least get one more problem done… that’d be nice.
watched the fifth element last night with sarah and eric. sarah had never seen it, and it’d been awhile since either myself or eric had seen it, so it worked out pretty well. it’s actually a really fun movie: not the greatest as far as acting or cinematography, but highly enjoyable. sometimes those are the best movies to watch, though. anyway, the fifth element is a melange of various genres — it’s primarily sci-fi, but there’s also some action, drama, comedy, and a love story thrown in for good measure. so a little something for everyone. chris tucker and his prissy diva attitude are freaking hilarious in it, though. plus it’s a bruce willis movie, so it’s definitely worth a viewing if you haven’t seen it.
mayhem? ok, i made that part up.. but i still have one more thing. i talked to the guy from oracle yesterday over the phone, and it went pretty well. it was actually a different dude than the one i originally e-mailed. i told him about my research and various projects i’ve been involved with at TU, and he seemed pretty impressed. i’m still not sure wtf the job actually *is*, but it seems to be a consultant/architect-type position (whatever that means). the thing that sucks is there’d be a LOT of travel — like 75 – 100%. but i could live anywhere; it’s location independent. so i sent the guy i spoke with my resume: hopefully i’ll hear back soon either way. at the very least it’d be nice to have an offer of some sort.. always a good thing.

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