Monthly Archives: May 2004

xbox craziness and more gayness

so tuesday and wednesday i modded the xbox, with the kind help of brandon and tyronne.

another week, another update

well, i’m getting lazy about my regular updates again, so here’s another tasty treat to tide everyone over ’til the next.. whenever that may be.

all moved in

by thurday i’d basically unpacked all of my stuff.. at least, everything i’m going to mess with at this point, meaning there are still a buttload of shoeboxes filled with papers, receipts, and crap stacked in my closet. perry and i had a few of the ESG guys over thursday night, to finish off the […]

yet another reason wal-mart is gay

i’ve had this entry in mind for quite awhile, but haven’t posted it for some reason. so i’m at wal-mart some time ago, browsing their CD selection. and i realize they edit/censor CDs for content, which is lame, but as long as you know up front, there’s no problem. while looking through stuff i find […]

busy busy reloaded

a lot’s happened in the last week or so… now i know what i need to do in order to get some frickin’ comments: just wait a really long time between updates (;-p) at any rate, this should keep you occupied for a while april, so you won’t be nearly as b0r3d 4t w0rk.