Monthly Archives: June 2004

enjoying the summer

so last thursday we had a few people over (brandon and nicole, keisha, tyronne, and oglesby) for an ESG movie night. perry and i really went all out for this little shindig: we made cheese dip!! it’s actually not that bad, just melt velveeta and throw in rotel and you’re done. keep in mind i’ve […]

hardly working?

here’s an article/diary entry from a kuro5hin user that’s friggin’ *hilarious*. what’s interesting is the entry does actually have a point near the end, but the first half consists of the guy rambling on about work, or rather the lack thereof. the point, though, is about finding screenplays and scripts for movies on the web. […]

back in action

okay, so it’s been awhile since the last one, kiddies. sorry bout that.. it seems i’ve either been busy or (more likely) too lazy to update. much has happened since the last entry, though, so there’s plenty to write about.

west point here i come

my flight leaves for west point in a couple hours.. i don’t think i’ve *ever* posted this early (with good reason). it’s a four hour flight, so i’ll likely sleep part of the way there. i’m looking forward to it; should make for some good times. never been to nyc either, so that should be […]

lot of action (alternately: dish – 3, nick – 0)

it’s been another week, and i suppose it’s that time again, time for another juicy tidbit from the life of nick.