Monthly Archives: July 2004

working now

so i started my job monday, and i think i’m gonna like it. i’m basically in charge of choicepay’s information security, which sounds like it might suck, but it’s actually pretty sweet. i get to make a lot of decisions about the network architecture, equipment to buy, stuff like that, which i’ve never really been […]

frenzied 4th, new job, and other stuff

last weekend i went home for the 4th.. it was kinda funny, because *everyone* it seemed was out of town. mom and dad went to cancun for vacation, nanny and papa went to houston to visit my uncle rick, and perry spent time in missouri on his friend’s lush speedboat, doin’ it in style out […]

pee pee problems

i stumbled across this article a few days ago about a condition with which apparently several people are inflicted. it’s a psychological disorder called paruresis, and although it may sound like a ball disease spread by ticks or something nearly as bad, it simply means you can’t pee in front of other people, or when […]