Monthly Archives: October 2004


okay, so this is kinda stupid, but i got a good laugh out of it the other day. i call this company from work, and end up talking to a dude named steve fuecker, pronounced FYOO-KUR… friends, i s**t you not. i asked the guy to spell it for me (on second thought, i think […]

song of my vague memories

so recently i discovered the name of a song i’d been trying to figure out for some time — since at least last spring, around march. i remember hearing it while working out in the collins fitness center, and thinking it was a cool song.. a semi-heavy rock song with music reminiscent of hoobastank or […]

happy birthday blog!

yes, how time flies… it was sometime around a year ago, give or take.. oh, a few weeks, that i began this blog in its current form. a lot has obviously happened since then, both good and bad (c’est la vie).. but mostly good, i’m glad to say. anyway, just thought i’d do a little […]


yeah, i suppose that last blog entry i posted was something of a cruel joke to those of you who’ve noticed and/or complained (see the comments on the last entry 🙂 that it’s been a long time since i’ve popped up to say something… i *do* actually have quite a few “back” entries that i […]


made ya look ;-p