Monthly Archives: December 2004

big brother is watching you

just finished re-reading 1984, online (note the b0r3d@w0rk entry from a few days ago — in addition to the K5 stuff, 1984 occupied a good portion of my ‘browsing’ time) in digital format.


b0r3d@w0rk, so i thought i’d share a couple of the humorous K5 articles i’ve been reading: billions and billions served is an older article i remember enjoying a couple years ago, with this horrific(ally hilarious) observation: McDonald’s encourages Fascist Police-State Regimes. 2004 a**hole of the year awards is a recent story relating news-worthy events of […]

hi kids [NEW ENTRY AT LAST!!!]

i’ve been out for awhile.. oh, i’ve been *around*, but just MIA with regards to my blog and the legions of die-hard fans i apparently have 😉 so what, you may be asking yourself, has been going on in the last couple months? plenty. too much to write in any detail about. but i’ll try […]