Monthly Archives: September 2005

new pics!

i just uploaded a few new albums to the gallery. some of these i’ve been sitting on for awhile now, so it’s been a long time coming. you can see the shots i took back in march over my ‘spring break’ [i took a week off from work using comp time that i’d racked up] […]

man – 1, the giant squid – 0

apparently some japanese researchers have captured the first ever footage of a giant squid in the wild. they lured it with a huge ball of shrimp, and the beast actually *tore off* one of its huge tentacles while struggling to break free of the net (it somehow got caught up in the shrimp-ball). here’s a […]

the end of blu-ray?

i ran across this article today where microsoft and intel have formally announced their support behind HD-DVD. chad and i were arguing with kelley today about how this may be the nail in the coffin for sony’s competing high-def standard, blu-ray. blu-ray is the superior technology, but HD-DVD has broader support and will supposedly be […]

i’ve got soul but i’m not a soldier

hmmm, been awhile since the last one, where to begin? ah yes, my ‘what i did this summer’ class presentation… here ya go: i vacationed out in beautiful sunny california [cue the OC theme song that by now everyone absolutely hates]. it was awesome. i stayed with my cousin josh from like june 22nd until […]

guess who’s back.. back again

so i finally got fed up with MT allowing spambots to take over my comment entries (you probably noticed all of the trash that had been piling up under some of the older comments, and the fact that the comments have been disabled for awhile now as a result), and decided to completely scrap the […]