Monthly Archives: October 2005

archimedes death ray brought to reality

apparently a group of students at MIT have constructed a device that mimics the terrible death ray devised by the mathematical genius archimedes of ancient greece. it’s a legendary story (some believe is apocryphal) where roman ships at sea were set ablaze by a complex system of mirrors that focus and reflect sunlight into a […]

gun show, DOOM, corn maize, lost

this weekend was the world’s largest gun show, the wanenmacher arms show. saturday i went with dad and sunday with jason… it was ginormous, as usual. this year, though, it seemed a bit smaller for some reason. we overheard people saying there weren’t as many people at this one; there was still a ton of […]

python – 0, gator – 0

i ran across this bizarre video (oh, and since it’s MSN you obviously have to use IE to view it) on friday. apparently down in the florida everglades they’re having problems with pet pythons getting loose and preying on the native wildlife.. like the alligators. not just the *baby* alligators, but the fully-grown adult ones… […]

it’s bulls and blood, it’s dust and mud

thursday night i went to the rodeo at the fairgrounds with jimbo and his family. it was the first time i’d been to one since i was like… maybe 10 or 12. this was a pbr circuit competition, so the guys were competing for a place in the national competition in vegas. what was hilarious […]

google and sun partnership

so today [technically yesterday] the net was all abuzz with the rumors of an apparent partnership between the much lauded (and lately ever-controversial) google and sun. speculations ran rampant in forums like slashdot where people theorized that google is about to unleash *THE DEFINITE END* to microsoft office by using its ajax experience to help […]