Monthly Archives: November 2005

your packets are going over the speed limit

i found this (see image below) today while browsing digg. it’s a prime example of geek/network jock humor at its finest 😉 [you probably won’t find this very amusing if you’re not a computer nerd, and in fact will likely roll your eyes in an expression of contempt.. but for the *rest* of you, enjoy] […]

happy thanksgiving/birthday

just wanted to take the time to wish everyone out there a happy thanksgiving! since thanksgiving is all about… well, showing gratitude, i’d like to say now that i’m thankful for all of my family and friends. i had a *ton* of food at the grandparents’, both sets. we have a sort of annual thanksgiving […]

“the future” dream

this morning i woke up with the remnants of a very peculiar dream. i was in this type of lecture room with white walls and grayish/slate- colored carpet. there were 4 or 5 levels of stairs rising up against the walls, reminding me of a room that a choir or band would use to practice. […]

laserquest, dodgeball, and so long ‘los

friday night i went to a get-together at the Fox and Hound for carlos’s (the crazy mescan) farewell. he’s leaving the country, going back to colombia to live like a king. there were actually a *ton* of people who showed up; we had three tables, one of them looong with like 25 seats. all of […]