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2 year hiatus update

So in honor of the passage of 2 years since my last post, I thought I’d add a quick update on some changes: I’m now a proud father of a baby girl, Sydney, who was born on Oct 12 of this year I have 2 new nephews and a niece (in order by birth: Aiden, […]

Contact page update

By popular request (see the comments), I’ve added a form on the Contact page. So now you have a way other than GTalk to send me a message. It appears the Contact page isn’t as discoverable as I’d like; I may work on better placement for it in a future layout update.

Back in action

After more than a 2 1/2 year hiatus, the blog is once again open for business! I’ve updated wordpress and supporting themes and plugins to the latest versions. I’ve even added support for OpenID logins for adding comments (courtesy of Vidoop’s own Will Norris and Chris Messina). Perhaps I should back up a few steps […]

new pics!

i just uploaded a few new albums to the gallery. some of these i’ve been sitting on for awhile now, so it’s been a long time coming. you can see the shots i took back in march over my ‘spring break’ [i took a week off from work using comp time that i’d racked up] […]

guess who’s back.. back again

so i finally got fed up with MT allowing spambots to take over my comment entries (you probably noticed all of the trash that had been piling up under some of the older comments, and the fact that the comments have been disabled for awhile now as a result), and decided to completely scrap the […]