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Biennial blog update

It’s been an interesting couple of years. Sydney is now 4 years old and in preschool, keeping us busy, amused, and entertained! I’ve enjoyed doing a bit of traveling and presenting my research this past fall at data science, HPC and medical informatics conferences: first was at ACM Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) in […]

Another 2 years, another blog post

Actually, it’s been slightly over 2 years, but who’s counting? Here are some quick milestones: Sydney is a gregarious 2 year old (26 months) and continues to bring joy and humor to our lives I have 2 new nieces, both born late this year: Greenley (b. Oct 16) is April’s third child Caroline (b. December […]

hello pt. 1

hi people. been awhile, as usual. i’ve actually been blogging offline quite a bit recently, about stuff i’ve been thinking a lot about. maybe at some point i’ll put it up somewhere. NEway.. i took what i’ve been calling my ‘spring break’ maybe.. um… three weeks ago…no, wait, it’s been a month.. holy crap, doesn’t […]

crazy oklahoma weather

just wanted to chime in for a brief entry tonight, kiddies. in this great state of ours we have some of the most random weather patterns ever. well. maybe not *ever* (no tsunamis or hurricanes [try to pronounce it like a lot of redneck floridians do: ‘HER IH CUN’ — it’s definitely funner!] or volcanic […]

the delicate balance between work and play

i’ve been working like a mofo lately. it’s jacked up: i’ve racked up enough comp time in the last couple months to take the whole week of spring break [which i’m really looking forward to] off without using precious vacation, like 6 days thus far. work has been consuming what seems like the majority of […]