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2 year hiatus update

So in honor of the passage of 2 years since my last post, I thought I’d add a quick update on some changes: I’m now a proud father of a baby girl, Sydney, who was born on Oct 12 of this year I have 2 new nephews and a niece (in order by birth: Aiden, […]

World Community Grid

As an update to my previous Cloud Computing post, I came across an interesting grid/distributed computing project, the World Community Grid. The WCG’s aim is to create the world’s largest public computational grid, with the goal of seeking projects that benefit humanity. IBM is the primary corporate sponsor, and, according to the site, it “has […]

When the Cloud transforms into Universal Utility Computing

The Cloud is Born One of the most popular themes in the last couple years on the web is the much-heralded “cloud computing”. Of course, the cloud metaphor is taken from the representation of the Internet in architecture diagrams as a big fluffy cloud to which other, more discrete networks and systems are interconnected. From […]

archimedes death ray brought to reality

apparently a group of students at MIT have constructed a device that mimics the terrible death ray devised by the mathematical genius archimedes of ancient greece. it’s a legendary story (some believe is apocryphal) where roman ships at sea were set ablaze by a complex system of mirrors that focus and reflect sunlight into a […]

python – 0, gator – 0

i ran across this bizarre video (oh, and since it’s MSN you obviously have to use IE to view it) on friday. apparently down in the florida everglades they’re having problems with pet pythons getting loose and preying on the native wildlife.. like the alligators. not just the *baby* alligators, but the fully-grown adult ones… […]